18 June, 2022

Welcome to Landstock!

For many years, I’ve dedicated my free time to travel throughout the world.  Always with the camera hanging on my shoulder. One day, I realized that I had a large collection of photos; amazing autumn landscapes ,  hot and refreshing summers, cold and gelid nature… And many other life scenes I had seen through the camera lens and thought they were worth being immortalized. So what was once just a hobby started to become a profession almost without trying. With time, I improved my photographed skills and learned new photographic techniques; I felt increasingly proud of my work as its quality increased. But it  won’t be me who judges my own work. From now on,  I’ll be sharing it with all of you on an image bank I named Landstock, where new material will be uploaded every week. This means you will have the last word about my work and, whenever you like a photo, all you have to do is click on it and download it. That easy

A great adventure begins today. I hope it never ends



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